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Shandong Chenyu Electric Co., Ltd. attended the 13th China International Modern Railway Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Date:2019-07-24 11:50:21 Clicks:

From June 20 to 22, 2016, the 13th China International Modern Railway Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, and Shandong Chenyu Electric Co., Ltd. attended the exhibition. 

As a manufacturer of domestic power industry, SCE adheres to the concept of "product + service" and provides customers with high-quality transformers and supporting products, as well as related power engineering installation services, which has a high popularity and influence in the domestic power field. At this exhibition, the Company displayed domestic advanced high-speed rail traction transformers, attracting a large number of customers to stop and watch. High-speed rail AV power supply systems, VX wiring stack core traction transformers and DQY-40000/220KV that were independently researched and developed by the Company were displayed at this exhibition and attracted a batch of customers, students and manufacturers to come to consult. The Company's popularity has been effectively improved as a result. The product has remarkable energy saving and strong overload capacity. Passing the type test, burst short circuit test and triple overload test in the transformer quality supervision and inspection center, it has been appraised as the first energy-saving product of this structure type. 

During the exhibition, the staff of our Company warmly received the guests who came to visit, answered questions for each guest in detail, and discussed the power equipment with the merchants, which was well received by the vast number of exhibitors. After the audience and exhibitors had a certain understanding of the products, they all showed a strong intention to cooperate with our Company. 

China International Modern Railway Technology and Equipment Exhibition is a well-known exhibition in the international railway industry. As an industry exhibition held by the former Ministry of Railways, it has been successfully held for 12 years since 1992, and has played an important role in promoting the exchange and cooperation of railway technology at home and abroad. Through this exhibition, our Company vigorously propagandized the enterprise "Hainuo" brand and the new product - high-speed rail traction transformer, and produced a rich harvest. If you know yourself as well as the enemy, you can make a better development. In the era of surging power industry, to grasp the demand is to grasp tomorrow. SCE will provide high-quality products and services for the railway industry in a more mature and good manner, and make a little contribution to the prosperity and development of the railway industry.