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Power transformer of 110KV

Product Description

Product Details

Enhance reputation with service The Company can be engaged in the corresponding construction project general contracting, project management and related technical and management services. The Company can undertake the installation of high and low voltage switching electrical equipment below 110KV, as well as circuit design and electrical, rectifier transmission and installation projects of 110KV and below.

Service System

A sound service system is the core way for SCE to stand up to the market. Relying on product life cycle coverage, full time online, fault handling rapid response mechanism and so on, the Company practices the promise of boundless service, pleasing heart and sharing value.

Accessory Support

Our accessories are tempered using the manufacturing process and selecting good quality materials after the strict quality control. Stable chemical composition, good wear resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durable.

Service Network

The sales service outlets are distributed in 20 areas, and a clear solution can be given within 2 hours. The maintenance personnel can arrive at the customer's site for the treatment to quickly resolve the product failure.